Selfies, for Myself

I’m known to be a person who generally denies to have her photo taken, whenever I oblige I do it reluctantly, cross my fingers and hope for the best. Usually I’m unsatisfied with the result: the angle is awkward, my face looks too round, I look like a thirteen-year-old, the lighting suddenly revealed how much … More Selfies, for Myself

Baking Your Feelings Away

Ingredients: 4 cups of Tears 15 mins. of Quiet Sobs 2 tbsp of Slight Shaking 3/4 cups of Sadness 3/4 cups of Emotional Stress 3 tsp of Frustration 1 Broken Heart  The full list of ingredients from the recipe of your choice (personally, I like to make chocolate chip cookies)

El Parque

5:20 PM, miércoles. Este es un parque de espera, todos esperamos. A personas o a el tiempo, todos esperamos a que alguien llegue o que pase el tiempo. Nadie viene con propósito o con esperanza de lograr algo. Nadie se levantó pensando en venir aquí para disfrutar de su existencia. Nadie se imagino hoy que en … More El Parque

“The Sun’s not yellow, it’s chicken!” Or How Bob Dylan’s lyrics in ‘Tombstone Blues’ reflect his point of view of the 60s scene

Research question: How much of the 60s are implanted into Bob Dylan’s lyrics in the song ‘Tombstone Blues’ and how are they a good example for understanding the his feel towards that time.

They Were My Friends

I don’t remember how it started, or how I made contact or why they even made contact with me, but I remember they trusted me. I don’t even remember how we communicated, but I am very sure we did communicate and had some sort of conversation. English? Spanish? I’m not sure what we spoke, but … More They Were My Friends