Feeling Good

It’s not easy being happy. Some people are better at it, some people are not, but happiness relies mostly on ourselves rather than the moments that happen. I mean, sure, we can have everything we absolutely could desire and have that be our biggest reason for contentment, but even still we are prone to having … More Feeling Good

Mute Strangers

It’s late, I’m not sure how late, but the sun is gone, the streets are mostly empty, traffic has ceased, and the subway is still available so it can’t be that late. Down and down and down the stairs I go, at least three levels to get to. People are going up and down as … More Mute Strangers

Baking Your Feelings Away

Ingredients: 4 cups of Tears 15 mins. of Quiet Sobs 2 tbsp of Slight Shaking 3/4 cups of Sadness 3/4 cups of Emotional Stress 3 tsp of Frustration 1 Broken Heart  The full list of ingredients from the recipe of your choice (personally, I like to make chocolate chip cookies)

The Privilege

Circa 2012 It is a gift, a fruit, A fruit in the desert. Sweet, soft, juicy and vivid. And for only those moments, mine. As dew dropped petals touch dew dropped petals; and soft velvet forces draw soft velvet forces… Me, myself and I can only surrender, surrender to the heavenly grace, who’s ghost haunts … More The Privilege