From Aguascalientes we made our way to León, and after about an hour of waiting for a ride and slowly hitching to the edge of Aguascalientes, a man gave us a ride to León itself. The road was long and full of chatter, and through a series of swapped stories we eventually made it. But … More León


After an adventurefull day and and Oscar filled night (yes, we watched the Oscars in our hostel, we were rooting heavily for Alfonso Quarón and tweeting about it!), we woke late in the morning ready to take on the next city. With one last meal in the Zacatecan mercado, we took a bus out of … More Aguascalientes


Zacatecas is famous for having once been a very strong provider of silver, hence it’s nickname “The Silver City”, but it’s also famous for having a lot of buildings built with the same pinkish material: “cantera rosa”. So although the buildings are majestic, big, full of glorious detail and homage to the past, they look … More Zacatecas


After three days in Guadalajara, still tired and all, we though we’d move on to our next destination and avoid the risk of staying longer than needed for the sake of laziness. So far we had been (mostly) following our itinerary just the way we planned it back in January, so after much thought, we … More Pre-Zacatecas


In Chapala we only stayed for one full day and the next we made our way forward. For Guadalajara we didn’t have a Couchsurfing host yet, but by the time we got out of the door of our host in Chapala we had made contact with a fellow who would accept us in his home. … More Guadalajara


From Zamora we tried to hitchhike our way to Chapala, unfortunately NOBODY picked us up from Zamora so we had to take a bus to Ocotlán, from there a photographer picked us up and drove us close to Chapala, where we took another (cheaper) bus. So we made it, but it took us all day. … More Chapala


From Toluca we took a bus to Morelia, which is famous for it’s churches, cathedral, and cobblestoned streets in downtown, all of them well kept, beautiful, tall, and gorgeously lit up at night. Also, José María Morelos was born and lived here. As our third destination this place is quite dreamy: no rushing, little traffic, … More Morelia