The Infinite Sadness

There is an empty space where all good that goes in is consumed and vanished, never to be found. This space gets deeper in deeper with time, black-holing it’s permanent presence, consuming  joys and distractions and trading them for even more empty space. It’s starving, and there appears to be no satiating it’s famine. There is … More The Infinite Sadness


After an adventurefull day and and Oscar filled night (yes, we watched the Oscars in our hostel, we were rooting heavily for Alfonso Quarón and tweeting about it!), we woke late in the morning ready to take on the next city. With one last meal in the Zacatecan mercado, we took a bus out of … More Aguascalientes


After spending the whole day and witnessing the sunset in Pátzcuaro, we were driven by our host straight to Uruapan. We stayed the night, we woke up late and were mostly clueless of what exactly there is to do here, BUT we knew there was a national park! So off we went, backs tired, shoulders … More Uruapan