Mute Strangers

It’s late, I’m not sure how late, but the sun is gone, the streets are mostly empty, traffic has ceased, and the subway is still available so it can’t be that late. Down and down and down the stairs I go, at least three levels to get to. People are going up and down as … More Mute Strangers

They Were My Friends

I don’t remember how it started, or how I made contact or why they even made contact with me, but I remember they trusted me. I don’t even remember how we communicated, but I am very sure we did communicate and had some sort of conversation. English? Spanish? I’m not sure what we spoke, but … More They Were My Friends

Chapter Six: Contract

“By the way, Miss Annie-“ “Abby.” “Apologies. Miss Abby, have you signed the required contract with Durant & Dietrich yet?” “Not yet, I barely agreed to work here last night, and I just got in about half an hour ago.” “Last night? Mein Gott, you weren’t the young lady accompanying Miss Durant, by any chance?” … More Chapter Six: Contract