During high school, there was an educational field trip my generation of International Baccalaureates took to Guanajuato and Morelia. Unfortunately I was unable to attend the field trip (money money money!), so the experience I had of that was in the shape of the stories and pictures they brought back. But now it was my … More Guanajuato

The Infinite Sadness

There is an empty space where all good that goes in is consumed and vanished, never to be found. This space gets deeper in deeper with time, black-holing it’s permanent presence, consuming  joys and distractions and trading them for even more empty space. It’s starving, and there appears to be no satiating it’s famine. There is … More The Infinite Sadness


From Aguascalientes we made our way to León, and after about an hour of waiting for a ride and slowly hitching to the edge of Aguascalientes, a man gave us a ride to León itself. The road was long and full of chatter, and through a series of swapped stories we eventually made it. But … More León