From Zamora we tried to hitchhike our way to Chapala, unfortunately NOBODY picked us up from Zamora so we had to take a bus to Ocotlán, from there a photographer picked us up and drove us close to Chapala, where we took another (cheaper) bus. So we made it, but it took us all day. … More Chapala

Paracho and Zamora

We spent two nights and one full day in Uruapan, after which we woke up semi-early (8am), spent our usual 2 hrs getting ready & re-packing our backpacks, and skipped town. The final destination was Chapala, but in between we had a couple of pueblos to pass through, so we had to make a night-stop … More Paracho and Zamora


After spending the whole day and witnessing the sunset in Pátzcuaro, we were driven by our host straight to Uruapan. We stayed the night, we woke up late and were mostly clueless of what exactly there is to do here, BUT we knew there was a national park! So off we went, backs tired, shoulders … More Uruapan


After three days in Morelia we half backpacked, half hitchhiked our way to Pátzcuaro, and it was a half thrilling half exhausting experience. So far we had been traveling via plane, metro, bus, metro-bus, light rail (kind of like a trolley), and car (in that order). So finally we were forced to use what we … More Patzcuaro


From Toluca we took a bus to Morelia, which is famous for it’s churches, cathedral, and cobblestoned streets in downtown, all of them well kept, beautiful, tall, and gorgeously lit up at night. Also, José María Morelos was born and lived here. As our third destination this place is quite dreamy: no rushing, little traffic, … More Morelia