Mexico City: Coyoacán

We’ve spent three days in Downtown Mexico City, and I suspect we haven’t seen the end of it. This time we went a little to the south and visited the older parts of this huge city, those beautifully colored old streets! Part of the perks of being an old city is that you have little gems here and there. I definitely think Coyoacán and San Angel are one of them.

tumblr_n10744HwAt1tsb7lzo4_1280And the best way of taking advantage of these beautiful sights is to get lost in them, just go around the alleys and in between the neighbourhoods, where only one or two cars pass every 10 minutes.There are backdoors that look from other eras entirely, cobbled roads that are very tricky to walk through,  frames that have been rebuilt many times, bugambilia that is taking over half of the building, wall plants that have redecorated entrances, tree roots that are making waves in the cobbled roads, houses of every color, and small clues that reveal this isn’t the 1920s: Electric cables connecting streets, census plaques on windows, modern cars parked in the streets, electric cashiers charging in stores, modern art in the park, and “”follow us on Facebook and Twitter”” notices in small businesses.



We are very lucky to have places like these all over Mexico, because these places are the leftovers of ordinary life. These are not monuments, business buildings, castles, temples or historically important buildings of any kind. They are evidence of our human nature in practice, the nature of building a family, having spaces to eat, read, sleep and cook, having a space to grow and go back to when old, and the places where we nourish our habits. These are, in a way, the roots on which our thicker parts stand on, the roots from which we grow flowers and fruit, and the roots from where we branch out to other roots.

And they also make great photographic opportunities! There are too many details to capture! So if you ever visit any place in Mexico, make sure to visit them old towns, and make sure to get lost (temporarily) in them, it’s both relaxing and enthralling.

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