Mexico City from Above

So we’ve established that Mexico City is old old, now let’s talk about how huge it is, because it really is huge! I come from a small city: Tijuana. It’s neither a town nor a ranch, it’s a city, but it’s still a rather young one, unlike Mexico City, who is a full grown adult. So coming from a small(ish) city and landing on a big city is quite a humbling experience.

From what I described on the last post you can imagine the diversity of this city’s architecture, but if you take a closer look at the Metro map you can also appreciate how all this diversity is spread out and still stretching. We, the backpacking tourists, have gone exploring but only enough to surrender the idea that we would get a good grasp of this city.There is no end to Mexico City! Not only is it still stretching outward, but it’s also growing inward. Everything is in constant remodelling, restoration, exhibition change, venue change, business growth, small business blooming, nightlife evolution, day-life evolution… It’s all in a constant metamorphosis.


So you have two ways of realising the magnitude of Mexico City. The cheapest being public transportation, mainly because it takes you at least 45 minutes to get from the MIDDLE of the city to NEAR the edge. So imagine getting from edge to edge. The expensive(ish) way is skyscrapers. As an attraction, there is a skyscraper here (Torre Latinoamericana) where you can head to it’s observation deck and get a good view of a little bit of Mexico City. So of course we went there, and I mean it, you get a slice of a view! Although it takes less than 5 minutes to get to the 45th floor, it would take you hours to locate everything. Imagine you’re playing “Where’s Waldo”, with the stuffy scenery and endless characters, it’s that, but with buildings and people the size of fleas.


The reason why these forms of tourist attraction are so popular is that sometimes it takes an outsider to appreciate your native land’s richness. An example is how none of my friends who live here have gone to that 45th floor and just absorbed the view. And although I am Mexican 100%, my native land will always be Tijuana.

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