Best Places for Coffee in Tijuana, Vol. 2

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Coffee is the one constant in my life. Well, no, I have plenty of constants, but it’s the obsessive constant. Addiction, if you will. I refuse to do without and I enjoy it through all of its possible presentations. There are a million creative ways to enjoy coffee, and there are plenty of reasons why anyone would want to enjoy these: pick-me-up, dessert, date, lone day out, relaxation, energizer, to begin the day, to end the day. All are valid, and there is a very special caffeinated drink for each and every one. But this is not that kind of post.

Previously I wrote a post where I listed my eight favourite places for drinking coffee, also places I considered had either the best option for coffee itself or for ambient. I wrote that about ten months ago, and since then some places have disappeared, changed for the better or changed for the worse. Also, new places have popped up all over the city! So while most of the places previously mentioned still stand, here is a new list where I’ve filtered the newer places I’ve visited.


8) Red Caffe – Tostador y Expendio

A café as well an expenditure, this place is located in Downtown Tijuana, right in the Revolution Avenue. The coffee is decent, for my taste, pretty above average, but worth a stop if you’re in the neighbourhood. They have the tools for at least two methods, besides espresso, and it’s got windows facing the avenue, so it’s good for people watching, too.

Red Caffe 2


11813393_1171898672827048_1147856804650629955_n7) Lumina Foto-Café

All the way to Playas de Tijuana, this café is located close to the end of Paseo Ensenada. So although you can’t see the beach from here, the place itself is really lovely and comfortable. Very quaintly decorated, with old cameras and books decorating here and there, and your options for comfort are chairs, stools, sofa chairs, and couches. So it’s both good for working, lunching, dating and just relaxing on your own. The coffee is pretty decent, they only have espresso based drinks, though, and you have very delicious pastry options.


 6) Café Dionisio

Located at the edge of the Colonia Cacho, this place is slightly hidden, upstairs and to be accessed from within a restaurant. The coffee is good for my taste, I really enjoyed their affogato and cappuccino. The food is also good, not high restaurant quality, but still good lunch quality. So for either for lunch or dessert, this is your place. Equally comfortable and quaint like Lumina, although in it’s own style, this became one of my personal favourites just to pass the time and read away my hours.

Dionisio 3


5) Bresca – Café Bistro

Another one in Downtown Tijuana, on sixth street, this one used to be a bar, but it’s been chic-ly transformed into Bresca. Pretty decent coffee, also a place for espresso based drinks only, I personally liked the cold drinks. Some places really churn up the bitterness in their coffee with iced or cold drinks, but this one was just fine. Bresca also has great food, honestly, everything out of that kitchen is just delectable. So breakfast, lunch or dinner, this is the place.

Bresca 2


4) B Coffee & Tea House

To be found somewhere at the beginning curve of Paseo Pedregal at Playas de Tijuana, another one not facing the beach, but still the place is very accommodating. Very modernly hipster, it almost feels like it was taken out of a Tumblr search for “coffee place”. But it’s not bothersome, it goes well with the coffee, pastries and food they have. The coffee is pretty decent, it goes well with elaborate drinks, and they have really good sandwiches.

B Coffee


3) æther – Laboratorio Creativo

A café slash art gallery, this one is inside Pasaje Rodriguez, in Downtown Tijuana. Pasaje Rodriguez has been booming with cafes and cafes slash art galleries lately, but out of all of them this one I liked the best. The coffee is good, and you’ve got art to look at if you’ve got the time! In general I like going to Tijuana’s Pasajes while they are still half empty, even more so for a cup of coffee, so this would be a place I’d spend with coffee just after lunch or after work.

æther 2


2) Electric Coffee Roasters

A tiny café who’s primary decorating theme is concrete, this place is located at Avenida Hipódromo. The coffee is really good, and very worth the stop. But the place really is tiny, with only a couple of tables inside and a bench outside. So it’s a good place for coffee to go, have a quick cup, or hang very casually later in the day while standing.

Electric Coffee Roasters 2


1) Gazzo Café

By far my favourite this time around, over at Colonia Buena Vista, it’s slightly tricky to find but well worth the adventure. Entering the cafe you get the feeling that you’ve entered into another city altogether, it’s chic and smooth and very inviting. The coffee is heavenly, I really do love it any which way they make it. Plus, the baristas are friendly and knowledgeable, so any doubt or curiosity you may have, you can feel free to ask.

Gazzo 2


The Good Ol’s

Of the places I previously mentioned in my Vol. 1 post, at least two places no longer exist: The Cafetera stand in Plaza Rio and the Diente de León café in Playas de Tijuana. But the rest still live, even if they have changed, and of those I would still recommend:

Café Media Naranja

• La Stazione Espresso Bar

• Caffe Sospeso

Granted, the list isn’t perfect mostly because I’m pretty sure I missed a couple of places, and now that I’m in another city completely I won’t have a chance until much later. For example I know completely missed out on trying Jacu Café, El Hidalgo – Expendio de Café & Cafetería and Café Sur A Norte. But feel free to let me know of any place I might’ve missed.

What are your favourite local coffee joints?

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