Favourite Places for Chilaquiles in Tijuana


I reeeeeeeeally love chilaquiles. It’s my favourite Mexican dish and I can have it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Honest. Unfortunately, I don’t really know how to make them myself from scratch. I’ve managed to make them at least once with the help of my mother and half-prepared ingredients, but otherwise I’m a failure at it. So my solution for either hunger, craving or a hangover is usually a trip to my select favourite places for chilaquiles.

IMG_20150618_120726Every place makes theirs different. Not drastically, obviously, because the basic ingredients are the same: lightly fried corn tortillas (totopos) cut in little triangles;  green, red or chipotle salsa (or mole) poured over the totopos, cheese, chicken or even mushrooms. The way each restaurant gets their authentic and differing flavour is their secret, usually to do with how they prepare their salsas, where they prepare their ingredients, how they make their tortillas, etc. So some places really nail the taste, others leave you wishing you had chosen another dish or another restaurant altogether.

Unlike my “Best Places for Coffee” post, I’ll instead be recommending my personal favourite. Mainly because there were plenty of restaurants I missed in trying their chilaquiles or I only tasted them once so I can barely remember how good it was. So I’m pretty sure I’d be missing some very good places in my personal list. But feel free to suggest and give your own recommendation. So here goes, my favourite (if not the best in my opinion) places for chilaquiles in Tijuana.

de9a63e15ce95a98800caa58654a76a45) Casa del Mole Poblano

This restaurant in particular is one of my mother’s favourites, and whenever all her children budge and agree we go to have a meal here. Everything is decent enough to be authentic Mexican food, very home-y as if your abuelita just cooked it for you. Though it doesn’t overreach to try and either surprise or experiment either. Same goes for the chilaquiles, they get the taste/flavour just right. But only right.

308698_179729725454484_506303784_n4) Casa de Don Juan 

Located in Playas de Tijuana, this is another home-y restaurant. In fact everything on the menu is named in a way to refer to family members and past visitors. However this place has a rougher touch, almost like a fancified “fondita“. In that way, though, they have a less generic taste and their chilaquiles come out with a delicious twist in their sauce. Great breakfast, and it’s a really full plate complete with your side of potatoes.


224768_203022693066750_7449369_n3) Los Chilaquiles

With one restaurant in , and another in Zona Rio’s Food Garden, this restaurant is fairly new and very popular. Everyone agrees their chilaquiles are good, and indeed they are. Personally I wouldn’t place them on the very top of my list, but they are definitely worth a regular visit. If the name doesn’t give it away, let me tell you, they have a wide variety of chilaquiles, and everyone of them is delicious.


im32) La Espadaña

This is a very popular restaurant amongst “comadres” and families, it’s usually packed during breakfast hours and Sundays. If Casa del Mole is your basic for authentic Mexican food, la Espadaña is the next level. Everything has a more appropriated flavour, and the chilaquiles have no equal. They are veeeery good. If we ever had a craving for chilaquiles, my ex and I would make this our first choice. Afterwards it dependen on how long the wait time was. Slightly expensive, but definitely worth their price. Plus the side of potatoes is good, too.


12-naranja-cafe-logo-sp1) Media Naranja Café

To anyone who knows me it’s no secret I love this place a lot, and I loooooove their chilaquiles. Every chance I get to have some I do, and when I do I never miss an opportunity to take a picture of the dish and share it in my social networks. These in particular are served in their casserole dish, I’m guessing to preserve their baked cheesy top. My favourite are the chipotle sauce ones, which are made with mushrooms. The combination is heavenly, and although this dish has no side dish, it alone is enough to fill up your stomach and satisfy your palate. Guaranteed.


2015-05-08 12.38.43

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