The Privilege


Circa 2012

It is a gift, a fruit,
A fruit in the desert.
Sweet, soft, juicy and vivid.
And for only those moments, mine.

As dew dropped petals
touch dew dropped petals;
and soft velvet forces
draw soft velvet forces…

Me, myself and I can only surrender,
surrender to the heavenly grace,
who’s ghost haunts me
in it’s undesired absence…

A radiated explotion of senses,
That occur and twist my insides;
bursts of pleasure,
and bursts of pure joy.

To breathe would smother it,
to rush would vaporize it;
To push wouldn’t pull,
to pull wouldn’t push…

It is a fruit in the desert,
a fruit I can eat,
a fruit I can savour,
a fruit I can indulge in.

Soft and sweet, and completely my own;
if only for those moments
when it’s granted to me as such…
Oh! The privilege!

And it is not perfect, oh no.
Not even human bodies are perfect,
but it is that desperate quest
that drives us on…

That quest, that search for perfection,
for completion, for complimentation.
That search for an “us”,
That search for a “we”.

Fruit by fruit,
through deserts alone;
We complete an oasis,
an oasis to call home…


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2 thoughts on “The Privilege

  1. This is actually something I wrote for Andrea, back in 2012 🙂 So I haven’t written anything since then…

    What do you do now? Well, commenting is one thing, if you want to you can share it too!


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