They Were My Friends


I don’t remember how it started, or how I made contact or why they even made contact with me, but I remember they trusted me. I don’t even remember how we communicated, but I am very sure we did communicate and had some sort of conversation. English? Spanish? I’m not sure what we spoke, but I know we understood eachother. Maybe it was all telepathic?

They were three and they walked around in their big, stout space-suits, still unsure of how safe it was to exist in our environment, and sometimes, when they were brave enough, they followed me into buildings and houses. I think only I could see them, but just in case we always made sure to be hidden from the public: sneaking around corners, waiting for hallways to empty, going into abandoned buildings. They were curious and mostly harmless, experiencing everything on Earth for the first time.

One of them was a chronicler of sorts, his suit was bigger and equipped with cameras, microphones and recording devices. It was always carrying a notebook and writing. Just writing away as they followed me around. Another one was clearly the leader, always close behind me, inquiring about everything and at times speaking for the three of them. And the third one seemed to be in charge of maintaining communication with… someone else. Perhaps their ship, or maybe back home. I never asked, but it was always had a communicating device at hand and never spoke to me.


I wouldn’t consider what we created a deep bond of friendship, but it was a bond of sorts. A bond of trust, I think. They confided in me their existence, their ship, and trusted me with showing them the world. But they never spoke of a reason for coming here. They could have been scientific explorers or invaders getting to know their next victim. I never knew, but they never gave me reason to doubt.

Then the army came. Somehow an officer discovered these being and my association with them, which gives me reason to believe that maybe I wasn’t the only one who could see them, so they might’ve been using a camouflage all along. They could’ve seen us exploring a place, or they could have followed me around for a while, but I don’t think they found them on their own without me, because they were clueless as to where their ship was. Which was why they needed me.

What happened next is all a blur.

Was I poisoned? Brainwashed, manipulated, confused, tortured, or threatened? I can’t be sure at all, try as I might I can’t remember. All I know is that I was somehow persuaded to show them the location of these beings’ ship. So I did, and I wasn’t too happy about it.

I took a General and some soldiers with me to where the ship had landed. It was somewhere in the edge of the city, behind an abandoned building and amongst trees. When we got there, the beings began to panic. They didn’t want anyone to approach them or their ship, and they seemed to be angry with me. They felt betrayed, and I felt horrible about it. I tried to think of an excuse for giving them away, a reason for bringing the army with me, but my mind went blank and I was left speechless. This was somehow against my will, and yet here we were. I started crying in front of them, begging the beings to listen to me and to keep calm.

The one in charge of communications went back into the ship, and the chronicler stood close by. The leader approached me, clearly angry and making violent threats. The general made his threats too, he wanted the beings to come with him, and he wanted them alive. The beings refused. I tried walking back from the leader, and as I did I noticed people had begun to crowd at the edges of the road nearby.

A jet passed by above us. The ship turned on and the leader took out his weapons. The soldiers pointed their weapons in response. The general asked me to calm them down, but I couldn’t, I could barely speak. The ship began to elevate, as if ready to leave. The general screamed at the leader and the jet above dropped a bomb. It hit the ship and it fell into a ball of flame. The leader was furious now, and then a fight broke out. I tried to run away, but the leader took me by the shoulder and pulled me back. I fell with it.

The one in charge of communications ran out of the ship with a aliens-1weapon, but it was no use. The soldiers shot down the chronicler and the one in charge of communications, while they left the leader injured. The general pulled me to him and asked the leader one more time to cooperate. The leader refused and defused a personal bomb, leaving us all injured and the remains of it and the ship nearly inexistent.

I cried, and I was taken away somewhere. I remember being put in a van, tied to a chair, and seeing, as we drove away, how the surviving soldiers celebrated their supposed triumph. From here I am once again blank as to what happened. I only remember seeing how the government built a memorial in the area where the beings had once landed.

Eventually, during the seventies, I was released and given back to my family. I remember I was happy, deliriously so. My family was living in the suburbs that were built at the edge of the memorial that was built, so I would see it from our house. But the house was a mess.

I remember I was afraid of my father. My mother was happy to have be back home, but my father was anxious and seemed grateful for when I was taken away. I didn’t understand why, and my mother assured me I was safe, often suggesting I take my time in adjusting to the world. But it was hard to adjust to a world that felt like a faux utopia, complete with curfews and an ever repeating tv special commemorating the triumph over our potential invaders, which played every night at nine pm.

What made things worse was when I looked at our roof form outside and noticed someone or something. When I took a better look with binoculars, I saw that it was the leader. It’s impossible to say how I recognized it, for it wasn’t wearing his suit anymore, but I had a very strong feeling it was it. Once again, I suspected telepathy.

It was not happy and he didn’t feel friendly at all. It’s presence felt like a threat, I feel like his prey. I knew it had been waiting for me, it’d been living in my house’s rooftop all this time, waiting for me to come back. Did it want revenge? Did it want to take me to where it came from? Did it want to forever haunt me? I don’t know and I didn’t want to find out. All I knew was that once again, for some inexplicable reason, only I could see it.

My family kept on being their campy selves, eerily so, as if they existed in an evil-free place. If they hadn’t noticed the leader so far, I knew it would be fruitless to tell them about it now. But I couldn’t sleep. I tried to sleep with my siblings whenever I could, but even then I kept awake, listening to the leader’s footsteps and movements on our roof. It seemed to make an effort to sound like it was everywhere all at once, it was maddening. During the day I tried to secure our windows and doors, but my father kept on looking at me strangely, and whenever he though I wasn’t near I heard him tell my mother how they should give me back. Back to who? Back to where? What was going on?

I was frightened for my life, and I felt the only solution was to confront the leader. So I climbed to the roof and looked for the leader. It was dark, and it seemed to have made itself a home of sorts. I saw movements, I heard noises, and I moved carefully. I grabbed the first weapon I could find and moved steadily…

And then I woke up.

The end.

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